1 de setembro de 2010


Hoje Há a oportunidade de criar o novo logotipo do Offf.

O brief é este:

"We are in the process to do a global rebrand to OFFF Festival and we decided to give you the opportunity to send your ideas.

This is a big step for us and we would love to have you all involved in some way on this process.

To make it more fun and spontaneous, you only have until next Sunday 5th September 2010 to send your idea/concept.

What we need is:

- New Logo for OFFF (with a solution to include subareas like "OFFF Logo + Atelier", "OFFF Logo + Ontour", or "OFFF Logo + F.C."), vector format.
- New tagline (no more Post-Digital Creation Culture).
- A quick sample of identity cards.

We will select at least 50 proposals that will be included in the next OFFF Book Project to be published by Indexbook next June 2011 and of course only one will have the opportunity to be "the one" ;-)

Looking forward to your crazy ideas, feel free to play with OFFF!

OFFF Team."

Claro que isto mascara muito bem o facto de ser trabalho de borla, mas infelizmente a moda do crowdsourcing veio para ficar.

Ainda assim, bom trabalho... e bom apetite.

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